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Dive into a terrifying world where your only goal is to survive a night in an office

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Ultimate Custom Night, one of many games in the Five Nights at Freddy's series, is a survival horror game that pits you against a small army of demonic animatronic animals. Over the course of just a few years, the development of Five Nights at Freddy's has turned into something of a cottage industry. It's a simple but bizarre premise for a horror game. You're the security guard at a child's pizza parlor, and it's your job to survive the nights in a world where the haunted animatronics come to life and roam the restaurant with a taste for blood. The options you have to keep them at bay are limited, as you're typically trapped in your chair and have to divert power to various parts of the facility to keep the threats at bay.

Over the course of countless games, the developer has created a rich mythology, and each new iteration in the series brings new threats, new tools, and new complications. Any one of the games tends to be a frustrating and nerve wracking experience and an exercise in resource management. Ultimate Custom Night startlingly throws all of the different components of the preceding games and throws them in a blender. Customization is at the heart of the game, and it essentially allows you to build whatever game scenario you want out of the base components of the series. You get to choose the monsters and their levels of aggression, and you even have control over the layout of the map. This isn't an easy series, and this particular game seems designed for the inner masochist. It also generally requires some inherent knowledge of the franchise, since things can quickly become complicated. Different monsters can only be stopped by specific tools, and understanding the patterns and behaviors of the different animatronic creatures is a necessity if you want to survive the night. While this is inherently a game designed for people who love the series and are looking for more options and greater challenges, anyone can jump in as long as they're willing to accept the pretty steep learning curve involved.

As with all the games in the series, there's something cryptic about the whole affair. Floating coins can be picked up to be sent at a store, and the whole thing is packed to the gills with fan service for the series. It's hard to imagine where the series goes from here, since the developer basically took all the elements of the series and handed them over to the players. It's a refreshing choice, but it's not a game designed for the weak of heart. Even if you're used to the jump scares, it's a game best played in the dark.


  • The most comprehensive Five Nights at Freddy's game yet
  • Contains all the creatures and stimuli from the main games and a number of adjustment settings


  • Offers no real story to speak of
  • Incredibly steep challenge level

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